Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sugar Doll Blogger Award

I am honored that Anne Tyler Lord at Don't Fence Me In has awarded me with the Sugar Doll Blogger Award. She is both a great friend and a wonderful writer. I am very grateful for her support and encouragement.

As acceptance for this award I must reveal ten things about myself:

1. I once worked for a man who was listed in Heidi Fleiss' little black book.

2. My ideal home would be on a cruise ship.

3. I have been held at gunpoint.

4. I am still here. (see #3)

5. I am a native Californian, so I come by my craziness naturally.

6. I have inhaled more than once, but that was many years ago.

7. I am a perfectionist.

8. I used to paint in acrylics but quit. (see #7)

9. I used to design jewelry.

10. My family keeps me sane.

I now pass on this lovely Sugar Doll Blogger Award to these friends:

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Carol Kilgore

Marisa Birns

Mark Kerstetter

I hope you'll take a moment to visit these wonderful people and get to know them!