Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time For A Change - #FridayFlash

The door chimes played out a funeral dirge as Death answered his door. Chronos stood on the front step.

"Why so formal, my friend? Come in. You didn't have to ring the bell."

"The last time I walked in unannounced one of your Furies attacked me, remember?" Chronos shuddered at the memory.

"Just a slight misunderstanding. I assure you, it won't happen again. But tell me, what brings you here? I was about to come over to your place." Death ushered Chronos into the elegant mansion.

Chronos had to admit that the white marble floor contrasted nicely with the black walls and furniture but it still looked like a mausoleum – not a place of comfort like his own house. He wondered if the guest bed still had the rack of nails and sighed.

"I need a place to stay while they're replacing my carpet. Could I spend the night here?"

"Of course, whatever you need. I can't believe you're finally getting rid of that green shag carpet. Decided to update your look, huh?"

Chronos smiled at the dig to his anachronistic way of life. "I decided it was time for a change. Besides, you've lost too many peanuts in it. The vacuum can't find them all anymore."

He spotted a new curio cabinet over on the far wall and walked over to see what new items Death was collecting. Expecting shrunken heads or the like, its contents puzzled him.

"When did you start collecting tuning forks?"

"Do you like them?" Death opened the glass door and brought one out. "I've noticed that mortals collect those little spoons when they travel so I thought I'd collect forks instead."

"But these aren't eating forks."

"No, these are even better – they make sounds. I can use them to tune my motorcycle too."

A Fury flew through the room just then, diverting Chronos' attention. The beautiful woman flexed her claws in his direction before disappearing upstairs, her laughter skittering down his spine and shriveling parts below.

"Uh, they won't be in my bedroom, will they?"

"I can have them stay away, if you'd like." Death tossed a peanut in the air and caught it in his eye socket. "But tell me more about your redecorating. Are you putting down wood or tile?"

"No," Chronos said, a pleased smile on his face. "I'm going with a gold shag carpet this time."

©2010 Laura Eno