Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Color of Life - #FridayFlash

"Admit it. You let Lucien win Jeeves back in the poker game."

Chronos smiled as Death pretended not to hear him, the tunes of Death Cab for Cutie vibrating through his skull from the iPod he wore.

"Okay, I'll quit asking. We should leave anyway so Matilda can clean the house."

Death removed the ear buds and dropped his jaw in a smile.

"I have a client to meet soon. You want to go with me?"

"Sure. I've got time."

They rode Death's Harley down to Earth and into the parking lot of a pre-school. Chronos blinked back moisture as they entered the building and Death sat down next to a little girl coloring at a table. These were the hardest ones to accept, but Death showed the kindness that made him a true friend.

"Good morning, Katie." Death picked up a blue crayon with his phalanges. "Do you mind if I color in the sky while you're working on the trees? We don't have much time to visit."

"Sure, Than-an-t…I can't say your name."

"Just call me Death, honey." The innocent always recognized him for who he really was.

Chronos wiped the tears from his eyes. Maybe he shouldn't have come after all.

Death finished coloring the sky for her and then stood.

"I have to go now." He patted the warm flesh of her hand with his cold bones.

Chronos sniffed and Death handed him a tissue.

"Will I see you again?" Katie asked.

"Yes, but not for a long time. Thank you for letting me color with you."

Death turned and headed for the door, Chronos following in confusion.

"She wasn't your client?"

"No, my client just had a heart attack out on the sidewalk."

"Then what were we doing in here?"

Death swung his radius and ulna around Time's shoulders.

"I wanted to color. It's the special moments in life that give meaning to death."

"Oh. Sorry for blubbering." Chronos rubbed his nose, embarrassed by his emotional outburst.

"No, my friend," Death said gently. "It's your compassion that I value most in our friendship. I would do anything for you."

"Does this mean you'll let me drive the Harley back home?"

Death laughed, the sound rattling his rib cage. "No. I would like to keep valuing our friendship and another dunk in the lake might seriously strain it."

©2010 Laura Eno