Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sex with a Highlander

No, not me. My new ebook, Stone of Destiny, has plenty of it though! Yes, it's erotic, but it's an erotic ROMANCE. Never forget that.
This baby has time travel, a pesky Fae, true love, a Scottish warrior...
Did I mention it has sex?
And it has ROMANCE!
And it's only .99!
Escape reality for a few hours.

When Gavin MacKenzie dismisses a Fae from his bed, the vindictive creature tries to destroy the 17th century Scottish warrior by using Abbie Kyle, a 21st century woman, as her weapon. The Fae's plans backfire when they fall in love and she soon retaliates, banishing the woman back to her own century. Are the lovers doomed to live 400 years apart, or can destiny find a way to bring them together again?