Friday, October 14, 2011

Pay It Forward Blog Hop!

The rules of this blog hop are easy...list three blogs that you enjoy reading and share them on your blog. Then visit other blogs that have signed up for the blogfest. Visit as many other blogs as you can and follow them. The last time I looked, over 200 blogs had signed up on the Linky list. You can find it here.

Three blogs I really enjoy:

Straight From Hel

First of all, who wouldn't enjoy a blog called that? Helen is a freelance editor, among many other things, and a hellava blogger as well.

Life on the Muskoka River

Cathy is perhaps the wittiest person I know. She will blog about anything too. Really. Go check her out.

Ciara Knight

Ciara is one of those people who just draws you in and you keep coming back for another fix. She has different days set aside for different features, such as Thursday's "Did I Notice Your Book?" where she picks a book at random and features it without the author knowing.

Of course, there are many more that I follow and love, but three is the magic number for today!