Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lofty Pursuits - #FridayFlash

The spires of the glass building rose high into the sky, the sun kissing the many facets until it seemed to be crafted from crystal. A bit ostentatious, Lucien thought, but where else would one expect God to conduct business?

The outside elevator certainly impressed visitors with its showy view of the rolling landscape while climbing up to the 981st floor of the tower. Lucien spent the time staring at the horizon without really seeing it. He wondered if his appointment would be kept this time. The secretary who made it assured him it would but that's what they always said. They seemed to enjoy toying with him for some reason.

When he exited the elevator, Lucien found himself staring down a hallway into infinity. He knew it to be an illusion, but the first time he'd come up here he'd tried to follow it and had been lost for two days. After that mishap, he'd learned the correct route before returning.

Lucien peeked into empty offices as he wandered down the hallway. Everyone was gone for the evening, nothing to see but tidy desks and empty chairs. The break room had the only bit of personality in this place. A bulletin board with the usual flotsam tacked onto it rested on one wall, notices of potlucks jostled for space along with employee benefits and words of wisdom. Another wall held a picture of the employee of the month.

"Why would anyone want to work here?" Lucien murmured aloud. His words echoed back at him.

Enough of this. He had an appointment to keep. Lucien turned right at the corner and into a side corridor. Finally turning down a thickly carpeted private hall, he came to a door carved with cherubs and seraphim. The guard in front of it had his massive arms folded, barring Lucien's entrance.

"Is your boss in? I have an appointment."

"You know She won't see you, Lucien."

He shrugged, his teeth clamped in a grin around a cigar. "No harm in trying is there? One of these days She might change her mind."

"I'm sure it will be a cold day in Hell when She does." Michael folded his wings into a more relaxed stance, a smile gracing his face. "But how are you doing? Sorry I've missed the last few poker nights; work's been a real grind."

"I've been great. I see you made employee of the month again."

Michael nodded, a smile on his face. "Third time this year."

"We're getting together for a game after hours this Friday," Lucien said. "Think you can come?"

"I wouldn't miss it. I'll see you then. Now, get out of here."

©2010 Laura Eno