Thursday, May 27, 2010

Death By Chocolate - #FridayFlash

It's the one year anniversary of #fridayflash and Jon Strother at Mad Utopia has a list of everyone's debut story, along with the date that it posted. This makes for a fun walk down memory lane and I urge you to check out the list. You can find it here. While you're there make sure to give Jon a big thank you for starting this fantastic group!


Lights glowed through shop windows around the Grand Place as people strolled in the warm Brussels night air.

"I've heard that Godiva chocolate is to die for." Chloe glanced sideways at her companion, a smile on her face. "Would you buy me some?"

"Of course, my sweet." Lucien chuckled at her enthusiasm and led her toward the famous shop. "If, as you say, it's worth dying for, then how could I possibly refuse?"

"Look! They have chocolate covered marshmallows." Chloe dragged Lucien over to the counter in the tiny store, her eyes shining with delight.

"Fancy meeting you here, my friend." The voice at Lucien's back fairly dripped with irony. He straightened, trying for nonchalance as he turned around to confront the speaker.

"Death, Chronos. What a pleasant surprise. What brings you to Belgium?"

"I have a craving for chocolate covered peanuts tonight," Death said, his jaw dropped in a laugh.

"Actually, Michael sent us." Chronos watched Lucien's face turn a dull red as the import of that statement sank in. "You can't have her. She has other plans for Chloe."

Lucien struggled with that information for a moment before relaxing.

"Well, I already have the girl. Why doesn't She come here Herself and take her? Why send messengers?"

Death wandered behind the counter and helped himself to the peanuts, tossing them into an eye socket as he savored their gooey richness.

"Come on, Evil. Let's not stand here arguing forever." Chronos froze time to make his point. "You know time won't work in your favor on this one, Lucien."

"All right," he muttered. "But you take her home."

"Agreed. But be a gentleman and pay for her chocolate first."

Chronos hid a smirk as Lucien snarled and slapped some Euros on the counter. He sank through the floor in a fiery huff.

"Are we ready to leave?" Death popped the last of the peanuts in the air.

"Uh, not quite. You have chocolate…" Chronos motioned circles around his eyes with his fingers and handed Death a napkin.

"Thanks, dude. Guess they melted faster than I thought. How do you want to handle her?" Death pointed at Chloe, frozen mid-bite in a chocolate marshmallow ecstasy.

Chronos shrugged and tipped his hourglass. Chloe disappeared.

"She'll think she was sleepwalking and raided the refrigerator. Hand me a piece of that orange chocolate, will you?"

©2010 Laura Eno