Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday #FridayFlash

It's the one year anniversary of #fridayflash and Jon Strother at Mad Utopia has a list of everyone's debut story, along with the date that it posted. This makes for a fun walk down memory lane and I urge you to check out the list. You can find it here.

My story, They Feed, no longer has the original link. I posted it on 6/19/09 on a different blog, before I switched over to this one. Below is the story if you care to read it.

They Feed

The light shone on the path, a thin ribbon highlighting the destruction. The survivors hurried out of sight, not wanting to be revealed. They moved swiftly through the darkness, back to their base.

The beacon swept over the remains, showing the carnage left behind. Their troops lay scattered throughout the area, killed by the purge.

They’d been through worse though, always managing to return stronger than before. This was only a setback. As long as just one of them thrived, their fight to exist would continue.

They lived to conquer new territory. Taking…always taking. Defeat was unknown to them. They struck fear in the minds of those whose domiciles they entered. Nothing could prevent them from inheriting the earth…nothing at all. They were invincible.

Loretta put the flashlight away in disgust. The empty aerosol can landed in the trash with a clang. “Ralph, put more bug spray on the list. The damn cockroaches are back again.”

©2009 Laura Eno