Thursday, October 7, 2010

To Die For - #FridayFlash

Craziest Gadgets

The special-delivery box arrived the night before the big party, the one she'd been invited to even though the director had snubbed her.

"I need a fresh look, someone younger," he'd said. "You understand."

Yes, she understood. Tomorrow night, so would he.

Her fingers traced the contours of the box before opening it, revealing the perfect pair of high heels. Crafted in the image of an alien from the movie, they were undoubtedly a head-turner.

She tried them on, reveling in the sensation as they caressed her feet.

"Are you ready to go hunting, my darlings?"

The heels chittered in anticipation.

©2010 Laura Eno

Thanks to Icy at Icy's Blunt Pencil for giving me the idea with her FB post of the heels. They rock!