Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Bridge - #FridayFlash

The bridge towered above the expanse of water, the height terrifying when viewed from below. Odd, Danni thought. She felt comfortable up at the top now, whereas just minutes ago she’d known the heart-rending fear that must enshroud those about to jump. At least, that’s what she’d experienced.

The decisions that brought her to this place in time seemed of little importance now. Danni pondered the change in attitude. Why was she still standing here?

A noise startled her. A popping sound, then metal grinding before a dull thud of impact. Danni spun in time to see the car fold in on itself; the flames start to lick the sides before it devoured the contents like an insatiable beast. A small face pressed against the window, hands reaching out in supplication, eyes locked on hers in mute plea.

Danni yanked the door aside, mindless of the fire hissing in anger at her approach. The little girl melted into her arms as her mother scrambled out the other door.

“Are you an angel?” the child asked.

Danni found she couldn’t speak for the lump in her throat, settled on a smile instead. This must be why she still lingered. It was too late for her, but the child was safe. Danni ascended; comforted by the fact that at least in death her life had found meaning.

©2009 Laura Eno