Thursday, September 3, 2009

Move Over - #FridayFlash

“I’m leaving you, Mick. I’ve found someone new.”

“But why? We’ve been together for so long...”

“I’m no longer attracted to you.”

“What’s so unattractive about me?”

“Ha! Where do I begin? You never dress in anything other than shorts and your nose…never mind. You’re also too short for my taste.”

“What? I’m the same height as you. That never used to be an issue. And what about our mutual friends? What do I tell them?”

“I don’t care what you tell them. They’re your friends – a bunch of quacks, if you ask me – not mine. My new man hangs with a different crowd – mysterious and exciting.”

“So, what you’re saying is that you prefer a mysterious man in spandex to a guy with big ears and nose who wears shorts? Tell me, Min – what does Spidey think about that stupid bow in your hair?”