Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One True Friend...

I’ve been trying to wait until the dust settles before awarding this, but…call me impatient. I had purposely left someone off of the Kreative Blog Award list, intending to present this to her on the following day, but she received that award from someone else so I held back and continued to collect dirt information about her.

I have saved this One True Friend Award to roast feature a very special person, Tomara Armstrong of This, That...The Other Thing

Its purpose is to focus on the person behind the blog, highlighting his/her qualities as an honest, true friend. The only rule of this award is to pass it on to someone who has made a difference in your life.

Now for the fun part, where I embarrass list 2’s remarkable qualities.

Ten Reasons Why I Follow Tomara’s Blog and Stalk Her on Twitter:


1. …can take out (cardboard) bad guys with the skill of Chuck Norris. I have personally witnessed the (bloodless) aftermath of that spectacle.

2. …turns into a ninja when confronted by ostriches.

3. …discourses on brain worms.

4. …draws lewd pictures on dry-erase boards.

5. …laughs at all of my jokes (an amazing feat all by itself).

6. …can spit without fouling her spurs.

7. …has managed to integrate into her new locale without resorting to murder yet (although I don’t know the particulars that precipitated her move from the last location).

8. …managed to leave comments and RT messages even in the midst of fleeing moving across several state lines.

9. …is a powerful writer with wonderful stories on her blog.

10. …But most importantly, she’s an amazing friend for anyone to have. Follow her – she’s great!