Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fabulous Flash

I am honored to have received the Fabulous Flash Award from both John Wiswell of The Bathroom Monologues and Mark Kerstetter of The Bricoleur. Thank you both so much!

*goes offstage to dry her eyes*

The originator of this badge is #fridayflash's own Jon Strother of Mad Utopia, the founder of the group, to recognize excellence in flash fiction.

Now, I could award this to twenty-five people right off the top of my head, but the rules say I should pass it along to four, and state what I admire about their writing.

Kevin Mackey of KjM on the web
Kevin is a transplanted Irishman who has poetry firmly lodged in his soul. It permeates everything he writes, whether it's fiction or otherwise. He also posts Haiku on Twitter each day.

Angie Capozello of Techtiggers Soapbox
Angie has a series that astounds me with the amount of tension she packs into less than a thousand words week after week.

Valerie Valdes of As The Moon Climbs
Valerie has a weekly series and also writes beautiful poetry that speaks to me.

Rayna M Iyer of Coffee Rings Everywhere
Rayna posts daily drabbles that fascinate me. If you don't know, a drabble must consist of exactly 100 words. Hers never feel contrived or awkward in hitting the mark.

I hope you visit each one of the sites and perhaps make a new friend while you're there.