Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday - #FridayFlash - Birthday Contest

The candlelight glowed in the mirror. It gave her a soft, mysterious look. Katie felt the effect. She looked young and alive, a fitting tribute to her fortieth birthday.

Her family had already gathered around the table. She sat down to join them at the place they'd set for her.

One by one, they raised their glasses in a toast. Each spoke of how she had touched their lives in some way, or gave an amusing anecdote designed to bring a smile to each person’s face.

The table fell silent. She wished that she had the words to describe how much they all meant to her.

Her family raised their glasses one last time. She reached for hers, but failed to connect.

Her husband spoke, his eyes unfocused and full of tears. “Happy birthday, Katie. You left us much too soon.”

©2009 Laura Eno

This week's #fridayflash is also an entry in Deanna Schrayer's Happy Birthday contest. Join in the fun at The Other Side of Deanna.