Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Value Of Friendship - #FridayFlash

A dour man opened the door to Time's residence when Death knocked.

"Is the Master expecting you?"

Death stared the man down, eye sockets glowing red. The butler didn't blink.

"Jeeves, let Death enter and go buttle, or whatever it is you do." Chronos edged the man away from the door. "Sorry about that."

"Since when did you hire staff?"

Chronos sighed and sank back down on the sofa, looking like he'd fought a battle all morning.

"The Purgatory Registration Center has a new "Right to Work" clause in their union contract. They told me I have to employ at least one staff member."

"That sucks, dude. My Furies count as staff so they won't bother me with that. Hey, Jeeves, be useful and bring me a bowl of peanuts, will you?"

Chronos watched in fascination as Jeeves brought out four peanuts on a crystal dish, insisting on holding onto it while Death snacked. The ensuing tug-of-war ended when Death waved his hand and the butler disappeared.

"Where'd he go?"

"I sent him to Lucien's bar. You didn't want to keep him, did you?"

"No, but he was better than the housekeeper they sent over this morning. She turned on the vacuum while I was watching TV and told me to get my feet off the coffee table."

"I have the perfect solution." Death popped out and Chronos heard the Harley start up outside. A short time later he came roaring back, carrying a statue into the house.

"What's this?" Chronos looked at the lifelike old woman dressed in a uniform as Death propped her in the corner.

"Meet Matilda, your new housekeeper. I went over to the registration center and interviewed staff for you. Matilda here turns into a statue whenever she hears a loud noise."

"Perfect." Chronos clapped his friend's clavicle and sat back down on the sofa, turning the volume up on the TV. Death joined him with a proper bowl of peanuts.

"I wonder how Lucien's getting on with Jeeves?" Chronos said.

Death dropped his jaw and tossed a peanut into the air. "I'm sure by now he's sent Jeeves where he belongs."

©2010 Laura Eno