Thursday, August 12, 2010

Warning System - #FridayFlash

Death and Chronos strained against the winds of the hurricane, gaining ground one slow foot at a time as they tried to reach their goal. Hail the size of oranges beat down on their heads as the unlucky duo struggled in the storm.

Battered and exhausted, both knew that giving up was not an option. Matters far more important than weather awaited them on the other side.

"Do you need help, my friend?" Death's words were lost in the maelstrom, but he managed to grab Time's sleeve before he went down.

"Thanks." Chronos hoped they could take a breather if they reached the eye—unless he collapsed first.

He saw the funnel just in time and signaled Death. They threw themselves to the ground as the tornado spun right over them, sucking up grass and trees in its mad dash across the landscape.

"That was close," Death mumbled and tried to stand back up, his phalanges catching in the hem of his robe.

Snow dumped on them from a blackened sky, the blizzard making it impossible to see.

"Link arms and go straight," Chronos shouted as they high-stepped through two feet of snow.

They both bumped into a tree and slid down the trunk. Death reached up with the last of his strength and rang the doorbell.

Sunshine and flowers emerged as they struggled to their feet. Chronos was still picking twigs out of his hair when Gaia answered the door.

"Greetings, boys. You're late. Earl Grey or jasmine tea?" She turned and climbed the staircase inside the tree, signaling for them to follow.

Chronos leaned over and whispered in Death's auditory tube. "Do you think she'd mind turning off her security system when it's time for us to leave?"

©2010 Laura Eno