Thursday, January 14, 2010

Garden Fresh - #FridayFlash

Kelly worked the soil out from around the last carrots in the garden. While she was pleased with the harvest from her little patch of soil, she was also puzzled.

The wild rabbits normally made inroads on her plantings – up until about a week ago anyway. She hadn’t seen any evidence of nibbling for the last several days. Had something happened to the furry little menaces?

Just as Kelly was about to leave with her basket of fresh-picked vegetables, she heard a noise in the underbrush. Several rabbits appeared, moving in slow, jerky paces towards her. Their matted fur showed bald patches, their mouths hung slack as they fixed their reddened eyes on her.

Dropping the basket, Kelly backed away. Ignoring the bounty spilled on the ground, the rabbits advanced on her, chittering softly as their mouths began to clack in anticipation.

©2010 Laura Eno