Thursday, July 8, 2010

Survivor - #FridayFlash

The final taping of America's latest reality show, Survivor: Continent, played to an unprecedented audience of 700 million worldwide. The numbers had remained steady throughout sixteen weeks of airtime. Ecstatic sponsors engaged in bidding wars for fifteen-second spots.

Who would be the last one standing from the original 435 men and women vying to win the challenge? Tonight's episode would answer that question.

A hush fell over the last two tribes as the moderator walked on deck. Sotto voce, he turned to the camera.

"We've read your letters and emails, people of the US. We've seen the demonstrations in the streets. Tonight, we give you what you've been waiting for. The vote was unanimous."

He turned to the remaining five women and four men, standing by the rail with little white life preservers slung around their hips.

"The people of this planet have had their say. There will be no survivor of Congress left."

Amid gasps and tearful pleas of "one more chance," the crew tossed the last of the tribes overboard. The cameras panned the dark waters, zooming in for close-ups as the preservers turned slick with oil.

"There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Your voices have been heard at last. Stay tuned next week for our new adventure, Survivor: CEO."

©2010 Laura Eno

Many thanks to Mark Kerstetter of The Bricoleur for the inspiration for this story. Go read his post "Weather Report."