Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chinese Whisperings - Win The Yin Book!

You have a chance to win a free PDF of the Yin Book just by leaving me a comment! How easy is that? Leave your comment here before midnight of Friday, the 15th and I will announce the winner on this blog at noon EST on Saturday, the 16th. Multiple comments won't count. :)

The Chinese Whisperings Yin & Yang Books are now on sale in ebook form! Ten female writers (including me) are featured in the Yin Book, while ten male writers complete the Yang. You can purchase each separately or buy both for twice the fun. The paperback version will be available in December.

The experience of collaborating with other writers on this was amazing and I would like to thank the editors, Jodi Cleghorn and Paul Anderson of eMergent Publishing, for inviting me to participate. It was a wild ride!

Chinese Whisperings