Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Beginnings

Just in case you've missed me lately, I've had a hard time with motivation since the holidays. (If you haven't missed me, keep it to yourself) Between being ill for all of December and now with my #$%& ankle in a #$%& cast, I've let my blog reading and writing slip into the abyss of neglect.

The year of the Hare is now upon us, bringing harmony and flexibility. I thought I'd use it to make a fresh start and get more organized. I'm not sure how disciplined I'll be about sticking to a routine so as to fit in writing, commenting on blogs and waving to people on Twitter and FaceBook as I speed by, but that's my goal. Oh yeah...and reading the milliontytwo books that have come out in the last six months by author friends.

Have you made any changes to your daily routine now that the holidays are over?