Sunday, August 23, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole

I first became aware of the “One Lovely Blog Award” when Helen Ginger of Straight From Hel received it for her fabulous blog. It features a dainty teacup with flowers and lace, living up to its Lovely name. The premise of the award is that the recipient passes it on to another worthy blog. Helen gave it a spin down the rabbit hole and into the world of horror writers. I followed its dark journey into night with fascination.

Let me assure you that the following recipients were quite pleased to receive it. The humor of the situation is solely from my own perspective. (Although, I swear I heard the teacup rattling in its saucer while sitting next to the ferocious-looking dogs.)

Helen passed one of the three awards to Anton Gully of The Black Dogs of Despair Ate My Novel . From there it journeyed to Alan W. Davidson's Conversations From Land's Edge, Aaron Polson's The Other Aaron, Catherine J. Gardner's The Poisoned Apple, Jameson T. Caine's Lacuna ex Obscurum and, as of today, to K. C. Shaw of The Knotted Thicket.

I expected the pink teacup to drip blood and sprout black roses along the way, but that hasn't happened as of yet. Regardless, I've enjoyed the delightful path of exploration. Thank you, Helen, for allowing me to find new treasures.