Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finale - #FridayFlash

As soon as she heard the noise outside, Cassie demanded to go sit on the porch steps and watch the show. Elaine couldn’t deny her little girl these few moments of happiness and watched as her daughter clapped her small hands in delight at the fireworks in the sky.

Months ago, Elaine had allowed the five-year-old to stay up until midnight to see the spectacular New Year’s display on TV. She’d talked about it ever since, even though the television no longer worked.

Back then, the world had been a far better place. A world that held light, laughter…and a father for Cassie.

The tracers shot through the air in many directions. Elaine sat as silent witness while her daughter ooh’d and aah’d.

“When will the colors start?” The innocent question of a child, full of hope and bright promises.

“Any moment now.”

When the finale mushroomed blood red in the darkened sky, Elaine hugged her daughter close and waited for the end.